dimarts, 29 d’abril del 2014

Girona Temps de flors 2014

Del proper 10 al 18 de Maig, estarem al centre cívic del Barri Vell. Hi haurà al seu aparador aquest vinil que veieu a la foto, al centre de tot i col·locarem una pantalla que anirà passant els dibuixos que haurem fet de tot el que ha d’anar passant durant aquest dies a Girona. Esteu tots convidats a venir a dibuixar el dia 3 i el dia 10 de Maig.

I si mes no a passar a veure’n el resultat.

On two weeks from now, from the 10th  to the 18th of May, Girona is celebrating  the 59th Girona's Flower week (Temps de flors) and Girona USK is willing to be part of this great and beautiful event.
We will use the Old town Civic Center a quarter. We will place the vinyl you see in the picture in its showcase and we'll put a screen in the center in wich we'll display all the drawings we'll have been doing during this week. 
You are all invited to come and enjoy this Temps de flors and, of course, you are invited to do some scketching during this week. (days to draw together: 3rd and 10th of May)

dilluns, 7 d’abril del 2014